Food Technology

Innovative Food Tech: Health Benefits For All

The Anvil

By Leah Dec Alibangbang

“Our approach to food hasn’t changed much over the last 100 years. It’s ripe for reinvention. We need to look for new ways to raise nutrition in the poor world while shifting some of our choices in the wealthy world.” – Bill Gates

Our food industry is slowly taking its way to an advanced tansformation. Until now, food innovation–including production, processing, distribution and retail–or the methods to improve food is designed to maximize company owners’ interests. But by influencing information and technological design, we can begin to level the field between industrial and sustainable food that is intended for the welfare of the public.

Presently, people seek both good health and long life, thus demand nutritious food that will promote their well-being, enjoyment and active lifestyles. Today’s hectic lifestyles also drive the development of healthy ‘convenient foods’ which are now the main concern for product innovation…

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