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Olive, Rosemary and Parmesan Sablés

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Olive, Rosemary, Parmesan Sablés Olive, Rosemary, Parmesan Sablés

It probably comes as no surprise that my favourite genre of literature is “foodie lit”. There is nothing more satisfying than reading a super talented author who entices with eloquent descriptions of dishes and entertains with stories around the food.  Some stellar authors whose books grace my bookshelves are, Ruth Reichl, Anthony Bourdain, Erica Bauermeister,  Richard C. Morais and Elizabeth Bard.  What a bonus to recreate the food from the recipes included in these books. One of my recent favourites is “Picnic in Provence” by Elizabeth Bard, her sequel to “Lunch in Paris”. I have been cooking from both of these delicious books recently, and am excited to present one of the recipes here today.

Suggested Reading for all foodies! Suggested Reading for all foodies!

When Bard described these savoury cookies that one of her friends served at a picnic in the French countryside, I just knew that I…

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