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Hundred-Year-Old Grocery Store Scorecard

A Hundred Years Ago

Source: The Science of Home Making: A Textbook in Home Economics (1915) Source: The Science of Home Making: A Textbook in Home Economics (1915)

When I walk into a supermarket, I informally evaluate it. Is the produce fresh? Are the clerks friendly? Does it stock all of the grocery items that I regularly buy? Is the location convenient? Does it have good prices? . . .  And, if it doesn’t meet my standards, I might go to a different store the next time I shop.

Similarly, a hundred years ago people also evaluated their grocery stores; but that’s where the similarities end.  A hundred-year-old home economics textbook had a Grocery Scorecard that students could use to evaluate their grocery stores – but frankly I’ve never considered the proximity to stables, or most of the other old-time criteria.

I tend to look at the past through rose-colored glasses, but when I’m honest with myself, I must admit what while some things were better…

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Food Technology

Groceries: Aldi

All That Junk in My Trunk

Just a quick Aldi stop this week. Lots of produce as usual, plus I wanted to take advantage of a sale on chicken breast and on sirloin tip roast. Which I have never made but seems like it could be good? I won’t make this until much later, but at $2.99/lb I thought the price was too good to pass up. We’ll see if I was right. I also picked up a few non-food things this trip, including a mum for the front entryway. I hope it blooms soon, more than just the few flowers!

My budget for the two of us is $300/month. This includes most toiletries but not all household goods (mostly I separate these by store and the purpose of the trip). This month I seem to be blowing through the majority of my budget at the beginning of the month, so we’ll see how it goes…

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