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I don’t know about you, but I would rather wrestle rabid alligators than deal with the weekly trip to the grocery store. Nothing against the notion of shopping itself, but it’s a jungle out there, or rather in there.

For me, it usually starts as soon as I reach the shopping carts. Guaranteed, the first one I go for is going to be super-glued to the one in front of it. You’d think I’d learn and move on. But no, I stand there tugging and pulling until people stare; then I move on to a different one. The next one is either soaking wet, has a suspicious-looking tissue in it, or is one of those special carts that not only has a squeaky wheel, but also pulls to the left. The latter is what I usually end up with.

So I’ll start making my way down the aisles–my cart…

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'N A Perfect World with Nneya Richards © 2015

You know when something you’re eating is so good you just have to… stop. “Mmm” doesn’t do it justice. You pause, you look at your significant other, and really think, “Will you ever make me feel as good this sliver of ham on this cushion of a flavor explosion?”

Tippling Club Iberico Ham.jpg Iberico Ham at Tippling Club

Recently known as the “foodgasm” Singaporeans have always had a name for this feeling, shiokShiok is a commonly used Malay word, shiok, to described “a feeling of unadulterated pleasure as related to food!” How could you not love a culture that goes that hard for food! If you remember, I discuss my love of the controversial Durian in this previous blog post, and writing the article for Fathom left me desperately craving Peranakan food, so I ended up here. This tiny island nation is smaller than Manhattan and the food scene is grade A…

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Food Guide: Talking Foodgasms in Singapore

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Plate it up recipes

Today is a special day as ‘plateituprecipes’ celebrate its 1st Blog Anniversary. A big thank you to all my subscribers, followers, readers who take time in visiting and motivating me for further progress. It has been a truly amazing journey and a great learning experience. As I embark on my second year of blogging journey, I ask for your continued support and encouragement.

For the celebration, I baked Nigella Lawson’s Devil’s Food Cake. This cake is incredibly delicious, rich with tender crumb and luscious frosting; ah! so very chocolatey.  Combine the batter and do not overbeat it.  The icing takes little time to thicken; in case if you are short of time, do the icing first. Also, it thickens faster in warm weather.

Yields : 10-12

for preparing the cake batter :

50 grams best-quality cocoa powder (sifted)

100 grams dark brown muscovado sugar

250 ml boiling…

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